About Us


Originally established as a network of quality chauffeured vehicle operators in Adelaide, South Australia, Q Car is Australia's ideal alternative to taxis and expensive chauffeur services.

We are the preferred supplier of executive passenger transport to a discerning clientele including many of Australia's largest corporations and government.

On Time!


Whatever the time, day or night, you can rely on Q Car to provide a consistently punctual service. We even run our schedules approximately 5 to 10 minutes early just to make sure!

Excellent Drivers ~ Exceptional Service

Q Car Drivers in Adelaide and our affiliates interstate are friendly and experienced chauffeurs and represent a team of professional men and women delivering the highest standard of customer service and safety.

All Q Car drivers and our affiliates are accredited with the relevant government transport authorities in their State.

Our Vehicles

The vehicle types available vary between States but all are amongst the most modern fleets in their city and include luxury late model Holden Caprices, Chrysler 300c's, BMW's, Audi's and Mercedes.. We also have modern People Movers and Transit Vans in addition to a selection of minibuses.

When travelling with Q Car, you can always be assured of a clean and modern vehicle providing plenty of passenger comfort and a safe enjoyable journey.

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Genuine Value

At Q Car, we deliver quality and value in a transportation service that includes all of the features most important to you.

Unlike taxis or very expensive chauffeur services, our understanding of your priorities is the difference.

We offer the discerning traveller an executive standard of priority service and superior passenger comfort at very reasonable rates.

Customer Recognition

Q Car utilises specialist medium sized fleets which enable us to efficiently handle volume as well as preserve quality and deliver a truly personalized service.

Our staff and drivers soon become known to regular clients and we make a special effort to keep track of your regular transfer points, preferred drivers and any other individual requirements.

You only have to tell us once and we know where 'home' is for you!